Curved LCD display with thumb throttle optional.
Display and remote integrated into one. Small size with full functions, suitable for eBike and e-scooter. Throttle line voltages could be customized.

Additional information


70mm * 73mm * 52.7mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance






24V, 36V, 48V


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX6, RoHS


Integrated, Without

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    User Manual_Digital-II LCD Display

    Dear users, to ensure better performance of your e-bike, please read through the Digital II-LCD product introduction carefully before using it. We will use the brief words to inform you of all the details (including hardware installation, settings, and normal use of the display) when using our display. Meanwhile, the introduction will also help you solve possible confusion and barriers.

    1. Appearance and Size

    1.1 Material and Color

    Digital II-LCD housing material: PC. And the color of the housing is black. Working temperature scope: -20℃ — +60℃, the shell material can ensure the normal use and good mechanical performance of the products.

    1.2 Display Size

    User Manual for Digital-II LCD Display with Error Code Definition for your ebike.

    2. Precautions

    Pay attention to safety during use.

    And do not plug or unplug the device when the power is on.

    Avoid bumping equipment as much as possible.

    Avoid direct flushing of the equipment.

    Regarding the background parameter settings of the device, please do not change them at will, otherwise, normal riding cannot be guaranteed.

    When the display cannot be used normally, please send it to the repair store for maintenance.

    3. Installation Instruction

    Fix the display on the handlebar, and adjust the angel. Connect the two plugs from the display and controller when it is off the power supply.

    4. Overall icon description

    User Manual for Digital-II LCD Display with Error Code Definition for your ebike.

    5. LCD Screen

    5.1 Function Guidelines

    Digital-II LCD display offers plenty of functions and showing, in order to meet your needs.

    User Manual for Digital-II LCD Display with Error Code Definition for your ebike.

    5.2 Standard Operation

    5.2.1 Power on/off

    Hold Mode to start display and supply power to the controller, E-bike starts to work. When at working state, press and hold Mode to shut off E-bike power. The display does not use the power in shutdown, the leak of current will be less than 1uA.

    If you do not use E-bike for more than 10 minutes, the display will turn off automatically.

    Suggestion: if do not use E-bike for more than 4 hours, please take off battery from E-bike, reasonable storage battery.

    5.2.2 Switch Display Speed Information

    After turning on the display which shows real-time speed. Press and hold “MODE” and “UP” to switch speed information, showing as real-time speed(unit Km/h)→average riding speed this time(unit Km/h)→the max speed of this riding time(unit Km/h)→real-time speed

    User Manual for Digital-II LCD Display with Error Code Definition for your ebike.

    5.2.3 Switch Riding Display Information

    Press and hold “Mode” to switch ride mileage and cumulative total mileage. This function facilitates users to view riding Mileage (TRIP) and cumulative total mileage (ODO).

    5.2.4 Walk Assist

    Press and hold “DOWN” to start to walk assist status. The bike will keep at an even speed output of 6km/h. Release the button to exit walk-assist status.

    Note: Walk assist can only be working when you push the bike and please do not start this function when riding.

    5.2.5 Turn on the Backlight

    Press and hold “UP” for 2 seconds, the backlight turns on. To turn on LCD backlight when lacking light or riding at night. Again press and hold “UP” for 2 seconds, LCD backlight turns off. If E-bike with the light function will be turned on or off with backlight together.

    5.2.6 PAS Level

    The default gear of the display is 1, short press “UP” or “DOWN” to change the output power of the motor, the power range is 1 to 5, 1 is the lowest power, 5 is the highest.

    5.2.7 Throttle Function (optional)

    Digital II-LCD special reserve dialing function without changing the major structure of display in order to be compatible with the throttle function of E-bike. The maximum output voltage of the dial signal output line is 4.3V.

    5.2.8 Battery Indicator

    Five segments all are on when at full state. When it is at low voltage, the last segment will flash to warn.

    5.2.9 Error Code

    When the system is wrongly working, the display will show the error code.

    The fault display interface can be exited only when the fault is excluded, the E-bike will not continue to drive after the failure.

    User Manual for Digital-II LCD Display with Error Code Definition for your ebike.

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.

    5.3 Users Setting

    Hold “MODE” to start the display. In the power-on state, hold the “UP” and “DOWN” for two seconds to enter the setting state.

    5.3.1 Wheel Diameter Setting

    Press “Mode” to confirm to select the display unit and enter into wheel diameter selection.

    The set values are 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26inch, 700C, 28inch. To select the corresponding wheel diameter of the E-bike to ensure the accuracy of display speed and mileage.

    Short press “MODE” to confirm wheel diameter parameters and switch to a limited speed setting. The factory default wheel diameter of digital II-LCD is 26 inches.

    5.3.2 Limit Speed Setting

    The maximum riding speed of the factory default display is 25km/h. Changing the value can set the max riding speed of the E-bike, when the E-bike exceeds the set value, the controller will stop powering the motor to protect the rider’s safety.

    The optional range of maximum speed setting is 12km/h-40km/h. Short press “UP” or “DOWN” to adjust limited speed parameters, short press “MODE” to confirm and switch the backlight brightness setting.

    5.3.3 Brightness of Backlight

    To adjust the brightness of the backlight by “UP” and “DOWN”, select backlight brightness from 1-3. 1 is the lowest brightness, and 3 is the highest brightness. Short press “MODE” to confirm and switch to the display unit setting.

    The default value of Digital II LCD is 1.

    5.3.4 Display Unit Setting

    Short press “UP” and “DOWN” to switch the display unit. KM is a Metric unit, Mile is a British unit. After setting, the speed and trip display unit will be modified together.

    5.3.5 Exit Setting

    At any parameter setting state, long press “MODE” for more than 2 seconds to save the current parameter setting. The display automatically exits the setting state without any operation in one minute.

    6. FAQ

    Q: Why cannot be opened?

    A: Check the connectors between the display wire harness and the controller.

    Q: Why does not show up on time?

    A: Please charge the battery of the display, the model is CR2032

    Q: How to handle with failure code of display?

    A: Timely go to repairing site to repair.

    7. Warranty and Coverage

    7.1 Warranty Information

    The company will be responsible for the limited warranty during the warranty period due to the failure caused by the product’s own quality problems.

    The LCD display function warranty: is 24 months from the delivery time of the display out of the factory.

    7.2 Exclude Situations

    1. Shell opened
    2. Connectors have been broken
    3. After the display is out of the factory, the shell is scratched or damaged.
    4. Lead wire of display scratch or break
    5. Failure or damage caused by force majeure (, earthquake, etc.)
    6. The product exceeded the warranty period

    8. Pins Definition

    Every display would be with different pins definition, if you need to check them exactly, please contact us.

    9. Software Version

    This operating instruction is general-purpose software (version V1.3). Some of the versions of the e-bike LCD may have a slight difference, all with the actual use version.

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