KM529 LCD Display


A cost-effective lcd display with battery indicators and PAS levels up to 10 grades. Display and remotes are integrated into one, simple appearance but full function.

Additional information


88.7mm * 51.9mm * 52.1mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance






24V, 36V, 48V


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX6, RoHS

KM529 LCD Display
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    User Manual_KM529 LCD Display for your eBikes

    1. About the User Manual

    Dear user,

    To ensure the best performance of your e-bike, please read through the KM29 product introduction carefully before use. This user manual covers: Hardware installation, setup, and normal operation. It will also help to limit any confusion and assist in you resolving any malfunctions.

    2. Appearance and Size

    The KM529 is made of PC plastic. It has an operating temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. A photo and dimensions of the KM529 can be found below. (unit: mm)

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    3. Function Summary

    KM529 provides a wide array of functions and indicators to fit the user’s needs. The indicated contents are as follows:
     Battery Voltage
     Speed (Real-time speed, Average speed, and Max speed)
     Trip distance and Total distance
     PAS Level
     Headlight Status
     Error Code
     Various parameter settings, such as wheel size, speed limit, backlight brightness and so on.

    4. Monitor Area for KM529 eBike LCD Display

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    5. Operation Cautions

    Take care to use safely. Don’t attempt to disconnect the display while the battery is on.

    • Avoid hitting.
    • Avoid getting wet.
    • Take the display to be repaired in case of malfunction.

    6. Installation Instruction

    Fix the display onto the handlebar and adjust it to an appropriate visual angle. Tighten all the connectors.

    7. Normal Operation

    7.1 Power On/Off the KM529 eBike LCD Display

    Hold ‘M’ for 2 seconds to turn the display and the controller on. With the display on, hold ‘M’ for 2 seconds to turn off the power to the e-bike. If the display is off the controller will also be off. There is less than 1μA of leakage current from the display while powered off.
    The display will automatically shut the system down when the e-bike is idle for 10 minutes.

    7.2 Speed Display (Real-time speed/Average speed/Max speed)

    After starting up the display the default indication is real-time speed. Hold ‘M’ and ‘+’ for 2s to change the indicated information in sequence as below: Real-time Speed (km/h) → Average Speed (km/h) → Max Speed (km/h).

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    7.3 Distance Display (Trip Distance/Total Distance)

    After starting up the display, the default indication is Trip Distance. Press to change between Trip Distance (km) and Total Distance (km). This can be seen below.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    7.4 Turn on/off Backlight

    Hold for 2 seconds to turn on the backlight of the display, this will cause the headlight to turn on at the same time. Hold again for 2 seconds to turn the backlight off.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    7.5 PAS Level Selection

    Press either or to change the output power of the motor. The power ranges from level 1 to level 5. Level 1 is the minimum power. Level 5 is the maximum power. The default value is level 1.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    7.6 Push cruise control

    Long press on for 2 seconds, and start push cruise mode. The motor will output power at 6km/h, to help riders push bike when needed.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    This function can only be used when the user pushes the bike. Please do not use this function when riding.

    7.7 Battery Indicator

    The display shows the battery capacity in 5 levels. When the battery has a high voltage, the word FULL will show on the top of the screen. When the battery is under-voltage, the letter E will be shown on the bottom of the screen and the LCD indictor will flash, prompting a recharge as soon as possible.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    7.8 Error Code Information

    If there is a problem with the electronic system, an error code will appear automatically. When an error appears, please check the corresponding part of e-bike or send the display to be repaired.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    Following is the detailed information on the error code:

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.

    8. General Setting

    When the display is powered on, hold both ‘+’ and ‘-‘ for 2 seconds to enter the settings menu and hold ‘M’ for 2 seconds to quit the settings menu.

    8.1 Wheel Diameter Setting

    While in the settings menu press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to select the correct value to match the wheel diameter. Selectable values include 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 700C, 28 inch. The default diameter is 26 inches.
    Press ‘M’ to confirm the value of wheel diameter and enter the next set at the same time.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    8.2 Speed-limit Setting

    When the rider’s real-time speed exceeds the speed-limit setting the controller will cut off power to the motor. The default speed-limit setting is 25km/h. The values of speed-limit range from 12km/h to 40km/h. Press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to select the desired value and then press ‘M’ to confirm and enter the next setting.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    8.3 Backlight Contrast setting

    “bL” means backlight brightness. With level 1 being the dimmest and level 3 the brightest. The default level is 1. Press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ then modify the backlight brightness and ‘M’ to confirm.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    9. Connection layout

    Following are the standard connectors for the display to connect to the controller.

    User Manual_KM529 ebike computer

    Pins definition for each wire:


    Line Color Function
    1 Red(VCC) Power+
    2 Blue(Key) Switch
    3 Black(GND) Ground
    4 Green(RX) Received Data
    5 Yellow(TX) Transmitted Data

    Note: Some cables use the water-proof connector, users are not able to see the inside color in this case.

    10. FAQ

    Q: Why can’t turn on the display?
    A: Please check if the cable is well connected to the controller.
    Q: How to deal with the error code display?
    A: Contact the e-bike maintenance station in time.
    Q: what caused the malfunction when it shows error 30 on the display?
    A: That means the abnormal communication between the display and the controller. Please try the suggestions below. If not helpful, please send the display to retailers or contact us:

    1. The connecting of wires between the controller and the display is correct or not, in case of cracking or disconnecting?
    2. The communication protocol is the same or not?
    3. Please change the display or controller. If that works, it means the replaced part is with the problem.

    11. Quality assurance and warranty scope

    11.1 Warranty

    1) King-Meter will be responsible for all faults arising during normal operation that is caused by a quality defect
    2) The warranty time is 24 months from the day the display leaves the factory.

    11.2 Other items

    The following will either void or fall outside the scope of the warranty

    1) If the display is disassembled
    2) Damage due to incorrect installation or operations
    3) Housing is broken after the display has left the factory
    4) Cable is broken or damaged
    5) The fault or damage is caused by the force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, etc,) or natural disasters (such as lighting, flooding, etc)
    6) Outside of the warranty period

    12. Version changes

    This manual is based on general-purpose software (V1.0). Some of the content may not be applicable due to software updates or customization.

    General Operations for the display with eBike

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