KM3209-U LCD Display


Simple display with large font. Compact display for left-mount. Ghost concept with black panel highlighted in standby mode, and characters highlighted in the light-on mode for your electric bike.

Additional information


55mm * 51.07mm * 55.5mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance






24V, 36V, 48V

USB Charging

5V/500mA, With


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX7, RoHS

KM3209-U LCD Display
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    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual


    Dear users,

    To ensure the better performance of your e-bike, please read through the KM3209 product introduction carefully before using it. We will use the brief words to inform you of all the details (including hardware installation, setting, and regular use of the display) when using our display. Meanwhile, the introduction will also help you solve possible confusion and barriers.

    1. Appearance and Size

    1.1 Material and Color

    KM3209 uses PC materials. Under the temperature of -20℃ to 60℃, the housing material can ensure regular use and good mechanical performance of the product.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    2. Function Summary and Button Definition

    2.1 Function Summary

    KM3209 offers plenty of functions and shows to meet your requirements. The indicated contents are as follows:

    • Battery indication
    • Real-time speed
    • Trip distance and ODO
    • PAS level
    • Headlight
    • Error code
    • Parameter setting
    • USB charging function(only when the display is with a USB port)

    2.2 Normal Display Area

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    2.3 Button Definition

    The display with three buttons, in the following introduction, “MODE” is named as MODE, the “+” button is named UP, and “-” is named DOWN.

    3. Operation Cautions

    • Avoid collision.
    • Pay attention to safety use, do not connect or disconnect the display when power is on.
    • The housing of the display is made of waterproof technology, please do not disassemble it, so as not to affect the waterproof performance.
    • Please do not modify system parameters to avoid parameter disorder.
    • Make the display repaired immediately when not working properly.

    4. Installation Instruction

    Fix the display on the handlebar, and adjust the angel. Plug the two connectors from the display and controller when off the power supply.

    5. User Setting

    Hold the MODE button to start the display and supply power to the controller. When at working state, press and hold MODE to shut off E-bike power. In the off state, the display no longer uses the battery’s power supply; the leakage current is less than 1uA.

    Note: If you do not use the E-bike for more than 10 minutes, the display will turn off automatically.

    5.2 Display Interface

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    5.3 Speed/Trip/ODO

    After turning on the display, it shows real-time speed. Press MODE to choose the display information.

    Displayed in sequence: real-time speed (SPEED) →single mileage (TRP) → accumulated mileage (ODO).

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    5.3.1 Trip Clearance

    There are two ways of Trip clearance: automatic clearance and manual clearance. When the display is automatic clearance, the Trip info. of the display will return to zero after shutting down and restarting. When manual clearance, hold the MODE and DOWN buttons on the Trip interface for 2 seconds, and the indicator Trip data returns to zero.

    5.4 Walk Assist

    Hold DOWN for 3 seconds to start walk-assist status. The bike will keep at an even speed output of 6km/h, the screen shows PUS.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    Note: The walk assist function can only be used when the user pushes the electric vehicle, please do not use it in the riding state.

    5.5 Turn On Headlight

    When the external light is insufficient, the headlight can be turned on.

    Hold UP for 3 seconds, the display notifies the controller to turn on the headlight. Hold UP again for 3 seconds to turn off the headlight.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    5.6 PAS Level Setting

    Press UP or DOWN to adjust the PAS levels and change the output power of the motor. The default level range is 0-5, level 1 is the lowest power, level 5 is the highest power, and the default level when the display is turned on is 1.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    5.7 Battery Indicator

    When the battery voltage is high, the five-segment LCD is on. When the battery is low voltage, the last indicator flashes, indicating that the battery needs to be charged immediately.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    6. Error Code

    When the electric vehicle electronic control system fails, the display will automatically display an error code. For the definition of the detailed error code, see Appendix 1.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    Note: The error display interface can only be exited when the fault is eliminated, and the electric vehicle cannot continue to drive after a fault occurs.

    7. USB Charging Function

    The display with a USB interface provides charging power for the mobile phone, output of 5VDC/500mA. When the display is turned off, please connect the data cable between the display and the phone, and then turn on the display to start to charge the phone. If the display is turned off at this time, the USB interface can still provide charging to the phone. In any state, disconnect the power supply of the phone, and charging will automatically terminate.

    When the display is powered on, hold MODE, DOWN, and UP simultaneously for 2 seconds to start the USB charging function, and the display will charge the mobile phone.

    8. Preparation before Power On

    Ensure that the connectors are firmly connected, and turn on the power of the electric vehicle.

    9. General Settings

    Hold MODE to power on the display, in the power-on state, hold UP and DOWN at the same time for 2 seconds, the display enters the setting state.

    9.1 Speed Limit Setting

    The default maximum riding speed is 25Km/h. Change this value to set the maximum riding speed of the e-bike. When the electric motor exceeds the set value, the controller will stop supplying power to the motor to protect the rider’s safety.

    The maximum speed setting can be selected from 12Km/h to 40Km/h. It can be set by UP/DOWN. After the modification is completed, hold the MODE button to save the confirmation and exit the setting.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    9.2 Wheel Size Setting

    Available values are: 16inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 700C, 28 inch. Use UP/DOWN to select the wheel size corresponding to the e-bike to ensure the accuracy of the speed display and mileage display. Press MODE to confirm and enter the speed limit setting interface.

    KM3209-U eBike LCD Display_User Manual

    10. FAQ Answers

    Q: Why can’t turn on the display?

    A: Check if the battery power is turned on, the outer leakage cable is broken or not.

    Q: What should I do if the display shows an error code?

    A: Timely repair at the e-bike repair shop.

    11. Quality Warranty And Coverage

    I. Warranty:

    1. In the case of normal use, due to the quality problems caused by the product itself, the company will be responsible for the warranty during the warranty period.
    2. The warranty: 24 months since the display is out of the factory.

    II. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

    1. The casing is opened
    2. Connector is broken
    3. The display leaves the factory, the casing is scratched or the casing is damaged.
    4. Scratch or break the display lead wire
    5. Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, etc.) or natural disasters (such as lightning strikes)
    6. The product is out of warranty.

    12. Version

    This user manual is for general-purpose software (version V1.0). Some versions of the e-bike LCD may have a slight difference, which should depend on the actual use version.

    Appendix 1: Error Code List

    Error Code Definition
    21 Abnormal Current
    22 Abnormal Handlebar
    23 Motor Phase Loss
    24 Abnormal Motor Hall Signal
    25 Abnormal Brake
    30 Abnormal Communication
    31 New EN15194:2017 power on adhesion
    34 6KM Adhesion Error

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.

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