WH527 LCD Display


Metal frame and integrated buttons. Left-mounted display with a thin design and simple installation process. Integrated remotes effectively save the handlebar space, easy to operate. A built-in light sensor can automatically turn on and off lights.

Additional information


77.6mm * 45.4mm * 49.9mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance, Watt






24V, 36V, 48V


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX6, RoHS

WH527 LCD Display
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    User Manual_WH527 eBike LCD Display

    1. Preface

    Dear users, to ensure better performance of your e-bike, please read through the WH-527 product introduction carefully before using it. We will use the most concise words to inform you of all the detail (including the hardware installation, settings, and normal operation use of the display) when using our display. Meanwhile, the introduction will also help you to solve possible confusion and malfunctions.

    2. Appearance and Dimension

    2.1 Material and Color

    WH-527 products are made of PC. Under the temperature of -20 to 60℃, the shell material can ensure normal usage and good mechanical performance. Real product and dimension figure. (unit: mm)

    2.2 Dimension of Indication and installation(unit: mm)


    2.3 Button Definition and Material

    WH-527 buttons are made of PC, the material of button was made of silicone rubber, BK, there are 3 buttons, it contains “M”, “UP” and “DOWN”.

    3. User attention items

    • Take care when using the display and do not connect/disconnect it with power on.
    • Try to avoid bumping or colliding with the meter.
    • Do not release the waterproof sticker film attached to it.
    • the display to avoid impairing its waterproof performance.
    • The parameters and settings of the meter are not expected to be modified by the user; otherwise, your riding experience will be affected.
    • The display should be delivered for repair as soon as possible in case of malfunction.

    4. Function summary and Indication Area

    4.1 User Setting Summary

    WH-527 provides a wide range of functions and indicators to fit users’ needs. The indicated contents are as follows:

    • Percent of battery
    • Speed Display (including real-time speed, average speed, and max speed)
    • Unit choice of British/Metric(MPH/Km/H,Mile/Km)
    • Distance indication(Trip distance and total distance)
    • Time indication of single riding
    • PAS indication
    • Backlight
    • Consumption of fat energy from single riding
    • Fault error and character indication of electronic control system
    • Various Parameters Setting, such as wheel size, speed-limited, and so on.

    4.2 Area Indication

    5. Interface Setting

    Fix the WH527 display onto the left of the handlebar, the direction of the holder nearby the grips. When the e-bike power off, put the connector of the display and controller together then it can finish and adjust to an appropriate visual angle.

    6. Function Setting of Interface

    6.1 Prepare for Power On

    Ensure the connector joint fix before powering on the display, and power on the battery of the e-bike.

    6.2 Power on/off

    Press the “M” button for 2-3 seconds then the display will work normally, and the controller will power on at the same time.
    With the display on, press “M” >2s, the display will shut down, the display will leave off the battery, and the leakage current of the display on is less than 1μA.

    6.3 Battery Indication

    When the battery is in high voltage the 5 levels all light on, when the battery is in low voltage, the battery frame will flash to notice that the battery needs to be recharged immediately.


    6.4 Enter into Setting

    After starting up the display, the default show is running speed. Press the “M” button to change the indicated information in sequence as below:

    6.4.1 Speed Indication

    Running Speed (Km/h) → Average Speed (Km/h) → Max Speed (Km/h) (unit: Km/h)



    6.4.2 Distance and Time Indication

    Trip Distance (TRP) → Total Distance (ODO) → Single Riding Time (TIME)


    6.5 Turn on the backlight

    When the environment light is dark, can turn on the LCD backlight.

    Press “UP” >3s, turn on the backlight and turn on the headlight by the controller. Press “UP” again >3s, can turn off the LCD backlight.

    6.6 Choice of PAS Level

    Press “UP” or “DOWN” <2s, switch the PAS level and Change the motor output power. The default output power of the display is 0-6,level-1 is the min power; level-6 is the max power. The default value is level-1.

    6.7 Push Cruise Control

    After pressing “DOWN”>3s, enter the mode of power assistant walk. The e-bike will go on at a uniform speed of 6 Km/h. WALK shows on the screen.

    Note: “Push Cruise Control” function can only be used as pushing the e-bike by hand. Please don’t use this function when riding.

    6.8 Error Code Indication

    If there is something wrong with the electronic control system, the error code will appear automatically. Here is the two serials detailed information of the error code:

    There are 5 serials character code faults which tell the user for which reasons, here is the detailed information of the error code in Table 1 attached.
    Other fault indication by code, here is the detailed information of the error code in Table 1 attached.
    The following is the 1 error code indication in 2 modes:

    Note: Only after malfunctions are remedied will the error code exit. It is not possible to run a defective e-bike.

    7. User Setting

    With display on, press “UP” and “DOWN” together>2s, enter into the normal setting, can choose the mode by pressing “UP” or “DOWN”, and press “M” to confirm.
    The following is the setting indication:
    SET code 1——wheel size
    SET code 2——limited speed
    SET code 3——brightness backlight
    SET code 4——switch setting of British(Mp)/Metric(Km)

    7.1 Wheel Size Setting

    When the interface indicates SET code 1, press “DOWN” and “UP” <2s, setting wheel size, and press “M” <2s to confirm the choice. Settable wheel size: 16、18、20、22、24、26、700C、28、29. To ensure the indication accuracy of speed and distance, the wheel size shown on display is 26 inches by default.


    7.2 Speed Limit Setting

    When the interface indicates SET code 2, press “DOWN” and “UP” <2s, switch low or high speed, and press “M” <2s to confirm the choice.
    The default max speed for riding is 25 km/h as delivery. To change this value, you can set the max speed for riding, LS represents the speed limit. The optional range of max speed setting value: 12Km/h to 40Km/h.


    7.3 Backlight

    When the interface indicates SET code 3, press “DOWN” and “UP” <2s, switch the backlight level, and press “M” <2s to confirm the choice.
    BL represents backlight, the settable level is 1L-3L,1 represents min dark, 2 represents standard bright, and 3 represents max bright. Default level as delivery: 1L.

    7.4 Switch Metric(Km) and British (Mp) Unit

    When the interface indicates SET code 3, press “DOWN” and “UP”<2s, switch the Metric(Km)and British(Mp) units, and press “M” <2s to confirm the choice.

    7.5 Exit Setting

    At the state of setting, press “M” <2s, it will confirm the input and save the setting.  Press “M”>3s, it will cancel the operation and exit the setting, and the current setting data will not save.
    Note: If there is not any operation in one minute, the display will exit the setting mode automatically.

    8. FAQ

    Q: Why can’t I turn on the display?
    A: Please check if the display cable is well connected to the controller.
    Q: How do I deal with the error codes?
    A: Contact your local e-bike dealer for maintenance.

    9. Warranty and Coverage

    1. Any fault with the product as a direct result of the quality will be replaced.
    2. Warranty period: 24 months from the delivery time of the display from the factory.
    The following circumstances are not covered by the Warranty.

    1.  Opened case
    2.  Damaged connector
    3.  Scratched or damaged case after delivery
    4.  Scratched or damaged cables
    5.  Malfunctions or damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters
    6.  outside the warranty period

    10. Wire sequences

    E5227 eBike LCD Display_User Manual_TopEParts

    Wire sequence of standard connectors

    Item Wire color Definition
    1 Red(VCC) Power+
    2 Blue(Key) Power of controller
    3 Black(GND) GND
    4 Green(RX) Receiving data
    5 Yellow(TX) Transmitting data

    Note: Display may use a waterproof connector; in this case, the wires cannot be seen.

    11. Version

    This manual has been based on general-purpose software (version V1.0). Some versions of the LCD may appear and behave slightly differently depending on the hardware and software versions.

    Attached Table 1: Definition of error code

    Error Code Definition
    21 Current abnormality
    22 Throttle abnormality
    23 Missing phase on motor
    24 Motor Hall signal abnormality
    25 Brake abnormality
    30 Controller communication abnormality
    BATT Battery abnormality
    Controller Controller abnormality
    Display Display abnormality
    Sensor Sensor abnormality
    Motor Motor abnormality

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.

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