JK LCD Display


3.5’’ screen big size LCD display. Two separate buttons on the display make it easy for the riders to power on/off the display and headlight. Large font highlight, easy to read the riding information.

Additional information


102mm * 69.8mm * 70mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance, Watt




24V, 36V, 48V


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX6, RoHS



JK LCD Display
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    User Manual_JK eBike LCD Display


    1. Preface

    Dear User,
    To ensure the best performance of your e-bike, please read through the JK-LCD product introduction carefully before use. This user manual covers Hardware installation, setup, and normal operation. It will also help to limit any confusion and assist in you resolving any malfunctions.

    2. Appearance and Dimensions

    JK-LCD housing material is made from PC plastic with a working temperature range: of -20℃ to 60℃. This material ensures the good mechanical performance of the product.

    Display Dimensions and installation (unit: mm)


    30-button unit:

    SW-U eBike LCD Display_TopEParts eBike meter

    30-button unit is connected to the bottom of the SW-H display via lead cable.

    In the following introduction, “MODE” is named “MODE”. “UP” is named “UP” and “DOWN” is named “DOWN”.

    N3-button unit

    The N3-button unit is connected to the bottom of the SW-H display via a waterproof cable.


    3. Functions Summary Functions:

    • Battery indication
    • Speed indication (Real-time, Max, and Average);
    • Distance indication (Current trip and Total distance);
    • PAS level
    • Backlight
    • Headlight toggle
    • Push assistance [6km/h]
    • Power indicator
    • Error codes
    • Customizable parameters such as Wheel diameter, Speed limit, Backlight, Units

    4. Display Content

    5. Precautions

    • Take care when using the display and do not connect/disconnect it with power on.
    • Avoid striking or knocking the display.
    • Do not remove the waterproof film attached to the display as this may impair its waterproofing.
    • In the case of errors or malfunctions, the display should be returned to your local supplier for repairs/replacements.

    6. Installation

    Fix the display and N3-button unit on the handlebar and adjust to an appropriate visual angle. Ensuring the power is off, match the display connector with the controller connector.

    7. Operation

    7.1 Power On/Off

    Press and hold P for several seconds to toggle the power on or off to both the display and controller. While the power is off, the display will no longer consume power with a leakage current is less than 1uA.

    Note: The bike will be shut down automatically if it is left idle for 10 minutes.

    7.2 Selecting Speed Mode (Current/Average/Max)

    On turning on the display the default speed mode is the current speed. Pressing and holding M for 3 seconds will cycle through the other speed modes in the order of current speed→max speed→average speed.


    7.3 Distance (Trip/ODO/Trip Time)

    On turning on the display the default distance mode is Trip Distance. Pressing and holding M for 3 seconds will cycle through the other distance modes in the order of: Trip Distance→ODO→Trip Time

    Reset either the Trip Distance or Time by pressing both M + D while it is displayed.


    7.4 Toggle Headlight

    Press and hold the light for short time to toggle on/off the headlight.

    7.5 Push Assistance 6km/h

    Press and hold D to enable the push assistance mode. The motor will cause the bike to travel at 6km/h.


    7.6 PAS Level

    Press U and D to alter the PAS level, changing the output power of the motor. The range of PAS levels is 1-5.

    Level 1 is being the lowest and level 5 the highest. The default level is level 1.

    7.7 Battery Capacity and Power

    When the battery is full, all five segments of the battery will be illuminated. When the battery is critically low, the battery will have no segments and will flash. The WATT bar will progressively fill as the motor power usage increases.


    7.8 Error code

    When the system encounters an error, the display would show the relevant error code. Only once the problem/s has been resolved will the display return to normal functionality. The e-Bike will cease functioning so long as an error code is shown.

    Error code Definition
    21 Abnormal current
    22 Throttle fault
    23 Motor phase problem
    24 Motor hall defect
    25 Brake failed
    30 Abnormal communication

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.

    8. Setting

    While powered on, press and hold U and D for 2 seconds to enter the settings menu.

    8.1 Wheel Size

    The range of optional wheel sizes is 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 700C, and 28’. The default wheel size is 26 inches. Pressing U and D to choose the wheel size and then press M to confirm the wheel size and to enter into the next setting.

    8.2 Speed Limit

    Using the Speed Limit setting the max speed at which the motor will work to can be set. When the bike’s speed increases past the max speed the controller will cut down the output power of the motor to protect the rider. The speed limit range is from 12km/h to 40km/h. The default of speed limit is 25km/h. Pressing U and D to alter the value and then pressing M to confirm to enter into the next setting.

    8.3 Backlight Brightness

    The backlight is always on but is different depending on whether or not:

    A. the Headlight is on

    B. the Headlight is off
    There are 3 options for brightness, level 1 being the
    lowest and level 3 being the highest. The default value is level 1. Pressing U and D will alter the brightness and pressing M will confirm.

    8.4 Units

    Press U or D to change the units from Mile and MPH into km and km/h. Press M to save.

    9. Wire sequences

    E5227 eBike LCD Display_User Manual_TopEParts

    Item Wire color Definition
    1 Red(VCC) Power+
    2 Blue(Key) Power of controller
    3 Black(GND) GND
    4 Green(RX) Receiving data
    5 Yellow(TX) Transmitting data

    Wire sequence of standard connectors

    Note: Display may use a waterproof connector; in this case, the wires cannot be seen.

    10. Barcode

    The Product code is displayed in two rows. Row 1: 500101201.

    • 5001 indicates the customer code,
    • 012 indicates the item code of JK-LCD
    • 01 indicates the version number for the current customer Row 2: 2016-07-1301
    • 2016-07 indicates the production date
    • 1301 indicates the default software version of the display

    11. FAQ

    Q: Why can’t I turn on the display?
    A: Please check if the display cable is well connected to the controller.
    Q: How do I deal with the error codes?
    A: Contact your local e-bike dealer for maintenance.

    12. Warranty and Coverage

    1. Any fault with the product as a direct result of the quality will be replaced.
    2. Warranty period: 24 months from the delivery time of the display from the factory.
    The following circumstances are not covered by the Warranty.

    1.  Opened case
    2.  Damaged connector
    3.  Scratched or damaged case after delivery
    4.  Scratched or damaged cables
    5.  Malfunctions or damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters
    6.  outside the warranty period

    13. Version

    This manual has been based on general-purpose software (version V1.0). Some versions of the LCD may appear and behave slightly differently depending on the hardware and software versions.

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