Elegant design for city and sharing eBikes.
Integrated display into the stem, small screen with full indication function. Optional functions for both personal riding and eBike sharing projects.

Additional information


116mm * 42mm * 197mm


Battery, Headlight, ODO, PAS Level, Speed, Trip, Trip Time, Walk Assistance, Watt




25.4mm, Integrated Stem


24V, 36V, 48V

USB Charging

5V/500mA, With


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX7, RoHS

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    User Manual_JUST-TWO LCD Display

    1. Preface

    To ensure the best performance of your e-bike, please read through the JUST TWO product introduction carefully before use. This user manual covers: Hardware installation, setup, and normal operation. It will also help to limit any confusion and assist in you resolving any malfunctions.

    2. Appearance, dimensions, and material

    Just-Two housing material is made from PC plastic with a working temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. The color can be either white or black. This material ensures the good mechanical performance of the product.

    3. Function summary

    JUST TWO shows items as below:

    • Battery indicator (remaining distance)
    • Speed showing (real-time speed)
    • Riding duration
    • Trip distance (sing trip & ODO)
    • Error code list
    • Energy burned
    • USB charging state

    4. Normal monitor area

    5. Precautions

    Do not plug in and plug out the display when it is working.

    Avoid being hit

    Send display to after-sales instantly once find faulty

    6. Assembly instruction

    This model integrates stem and display as one unit. So please fix it with the bike frame when assembly. Then connect the display and controller with plugs.

    7. Normal Operation

    7.1 ON/OFF

    There is a vibration switch inside the battery, so the system can be started by vibration, without any button on display.

    7.2 speed/distance(real-time speed/single trip/ODO)

    After power on the display, it shows real-time speed as default. It shows in turn as below: riding, duration, single trip, ODO, energy burned.

    7.3 Battery indicator

    When the battery is full, 5 bars are all on. When the battery is short of power, the frame of the sign will flash. It means the battery is under voltage, which needs to be recharged immediately.

    7.4 USB charging

    The display is with a USB port, used for mobiles, outputting of 600mA. When the bike is rented, please connect the display and cell phone by cable to enable charging and the indicator will be on.
    At any state, disconnecting will end the charging.

    7.5 Temporary parking

    When you stop the bike and lock it, the display will show the locking state by the flashing sign.

    7.6 Remaining distance

    After power on the display, it shows the remaining distance as default, to warn the riders of the remaining range.

    7.7 Error code list

    When the electric system is working wrongly, the display will show an error code. Only when the faulty is fixed, it will exit the faulty working interface

    Error code list and definition:

    Error code Definition Solution
    21 Abnormal current check whether 3 phases are short circuit
    22 Throttle fault check whether the throttle goes back to the initial stage
    23 Lack of motor phase check whether the wiring layout is ok;
    check whether the phase wire is connected to the controller properly
    24 Abnormal hall sensor of the motor controller without hall: check the layout of the phase wire
    controller with hall: check the layout of the phase wire
    25 Brake defect check whether the brake goes back to normal position before powering on
    30 Abnormal communication check whether the display and controller are connected

    Note: Here is a more general error code for different e-system for your reference.


    8. FAQ

    Q: Why can’t turn on the display?
    A: Please check if the cable is well connected to the controller.
    Q: How to deal with the error code display?
    A: Contact the e-bike maintenance station in time.

    9. Guaranty and warranty scope

    1. We are not responsible for the scratched or broken shells after the products are delivered out of the factory. We don’t repair scratched or broken lead wires.
    2. The LCD display function warranty is 24 months from the shipping date of the display out of the factory.

    The following circumstances are not covered by the Warranty.

    • Opened case
    • Damaged connector
    • Scratched or damaged case after delivery
    • Scratched or damaged cables
    • Malfunctions or damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters
    • Outside the warranty period

    10. Version

    This operating instruction is general-purpose software (version V1.1). Some of the versions of the e-bike LCD may have slight differences, depending on the specialized display.

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