SSP-DH Sensor


Compared with FH-Sensor or DH-Sensor ebike speed sensor, the SSP-DH sensor provides a larger range. When assembling these two pieces of magnetic disc, you do not need to remove your crank. The below user manual could help with your DIY experiences.

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46.54mm * 18.84mm * 13.41mm


Pedal Assist 12 Signal





SSP-DH Sensor
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    1. Function Introduce

    SSP-DH dual Hall sensor is a pedal assistant sensor adapted for quickly assembled electric bicycles, which can be mainly used for the signal of power assisting for the bike. Compared with SH-SENSOR, the DH-SENSOR equipped with a DIY disc of 12 magnets, offers higher accuracy and further detection distance which can reach 6mm.

    SSP-DH sensor with dual Hall is more sensitive 2-3 times than that with the single Hall sensor.

    When the pedal turns forwards, the sensor outputs a pulse signal and a red LED indicator flashes on the sensor.

    When the pedal turns back, the sensor outputs a low-level signal, the red LED indicator is not lit. So that users can check any failure of the sensor.

    2. Size, Material & Photos

    SSP-DH user manual

    3. Installation Instruction

    Fix the sensor beside the frame of the bike, and put the disk through the pedal. To get a high sensitivity the magnetic dot of the disk must be faced with the cross mark and adjust angle trestle and sensor.

    SSP-DH Speed Sensor

    The effective sense distance of the speed sensor is 6 mm to the magnet. Install the speed sensor with ribbon tapes.

    4. Specifications & Reliability

    • Rated Voltage: 4.5-6V (DC)
    • Current without brake: <5mA
    • Current with brake: <6mA
    • Lead tension: >20N
    • Corresponding time when brake: <0.001S
    • Corresponding distance: 2-3mm
    • Hall electrical life: >20M times
    • Insulation dry condition: >20M ohm
    • Insulation wet condition: >2M ohm

    5. Connectors & Cables

    All the connecters can be customed by users. Below general setting for pins definition for your reference:

    • Blue: Signal
    • Red: 5V
    • Yellow: GND

    6. Dependability Test

    Test item Test conditions Result
    Tensile tests of the connector >20N, last for 60s OK
    Tensile tests of the cable >30N, last for 60s OK
    Lead to shell insulation No.1 Dry, humidity 80% >20M
    Lead to shell insulation No.2 Spray >20M
    High-temperature test 90±2℃ 5V >2hours OK
    Low-temperature test -20±2℃ 5V >8hours OK
    Vibration test 20Hz 5V 2H OK
    Constant damp 45±2℃ 5V >2hours humidity 90% OK
    Spray 5V >2hours OK

    7. Certification for RoHS & CE

    Meet with the standard of RoHS and CE Report, the waterproof grade is IP65.

    8. Signature the Specs

    This confirmation must be approved by both sides, any one-party modification is invalid.

    After receiving the confirmation from each other, 7 workdays must be signed confirmation, overdue as default, and agreed.


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