DH Speed Sensor


DH sensor contains two hall sensors, when coupled with a standard 12 magnet disc, it provides a 12-pulse output. The mounting brackets can be customized in different sizes to match your electric bike’s crank axel and magnet disc.

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63.55mm * 45mm * 9.5mm


Pedal Assist 12 Signal




CE, EN15194:2017, IPX5, RoHS

DH Speed Sensor
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    User Manual_DH Sensor

    1. Function introduce

    DH-SENSOR with a double hall sensor in the housing, detect the cycling of the bike. There are 12 magnets in the disc.DH-SENSOR will have higher precision than those with 5 magnets and the range sensor will be farther than those with 12 magnets.

    When the pedals go ahead, the sensor will output the pulse signal, the LED the low potential (There is no pulse signal), so the LED won’t flash. The convenience of detecting whether the sensor work well or not by the customers.

    2. Size & material

    PC shell is very good oxidation stability and aging characteristics.

    3. Specifications & Reliability

    • Rated Voltage: 4.5-6V (DC)
    • Current without brake: <5mA
    • Current with brake: <6mA
    • Lead tension: >20N
    • Corresponding time when braking: <0.001S
    • Corresponding distance: 2-3mm
    • Hall electrical life: >20M times
    • Insulation dry condition: >20M ohm
    • Insulation wet condition: >2M ohm

    4. Connector & Cable

    • The connector can be customized.
    • The length of the cable also can be customized.
    • Pins definition: Red: +5V, Yellow: GND, Blue: pulse Signal.


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