S2 LED Display


S2-U LED display is a traditional product, which could provide you with the standard functions, like peddle assistant, light, and so on. Also, it’s available for the USB ports.

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S2 LED Display
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    User Manual_S2-U LED Display

    1. Function Introduction

    The S2 series display is the LED display adapted to the e-bike, it is 6 level display of voltage value, and it is upgraded based on the 790 series, and can adapt to the controller even more extensively.

    Controlled object:

    (1)After turning on the battery, the e-bike power on, the display auto-check, and the light of the battery and level lighten in turn, after auto-check, the display enters a working state, and the battery light indicates remaining the battery of current battery, the default level is 1L after power on, the light of LOW flashing.

    (2)The max value of controller output PWM for the e-bike was controlled by switching among the 6 levels of the button.1 level is the default value of turn on, press “+” or “-“ can switch the PAS level.

    (3) Four-level LED indicates the current voltage of the battery. The indication delayed time of battery voltage reduction is 3s, in case of load changed suddenly due to battery voltage waving which caused LED flash at using the procedure. The indicator battery of the min battery flashed 1Hz at low voltage, but the power supply to the controller was not cut off.

    2. Dimension & Material

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    3. Precautions

    Be careful of the safety use. Don’t attempt to release the connector when the battery is on power.

    • Try to avoid hitting.
    • Don’t split the waterproof sticker to avoid affecting the waterproof performance.
    • Don’t modify system parameters to avoid parameters disorder.
    • Make the display repaired when the error code appears.

    4. Installation Instructions

    Fix the display onto the handlebar and adjust it to an appropriate visual angle when powering off the E-bike, to plug the connector of the display with the connector corresponding to the controller to complete the installation.

    5. Operation Instructions

    5.1 Power On / Off

    Short hold the ON/OFF button, and the display will power on, and also power on the controller. When the display is on, short hold ON/OFF to turn off the power supply of the e-bike.
    Note: When the display is off, the display will not use any power from the battery. The leakage current is less than 1 uA.

    5.2 Walk Assist

    Hold the DOWN button for 2 seconds to enter the mode of the walking assistant. The e-bike will go on at speed of 6 Km/h. No display of the PAS Level Indicator light.
    Note: The walk assists mode can only be used when the user is pushing the E-bike. Do not use it when riding.

    5.3 PAS Level Selection

    Short hold up or DOWN button to switch the PAS level, to change the output power of the motor. The display default output power range is 0-3, level 0 is no power output, level 1 is the lowest power, level 3 is the highest power, and the display default power-on level is level 1.

    5.4 Power Display

    The 5 battery bars represent the capacity of the battery. When the battery voltage is high, the battery frame is all on. When the battery is in low voltage, the battery frame will flash to notify that the battery needs to be recharged immediately.

    6. Error Code Information

    When the e-bike control system fails, the display will automatically flash the LED light to indicate the error code. For the definition of the detailed error code, see Appendix 1.
    Note: The fault display interface can only be exited when the fault is eliminated, and the e-bike cannot continue to drive when the fault occurs.

    7. FAQ

    Q: Why can’t turn on the display?
    A: Please check whether the battery is turned on or the leakage lead wire is broken.
    Q: How to deal with the error code display?
    A: Contact the e-bike maintenance station in time.

    Appendix 1: Error Code Definition

    Error Code  Definition 
    PAS level 1 light flashing Current Abnormal
    PAS level 2 light flashing Throttle Abnormal
    PAS level 1, 2 light  flashing Motor phase loss
    PAS level 3 light flashes Motor Hall signal is abnormal
    PAS level 1, 3 light  flashing Braking  abnormal
    All PAS Level lights flashing Communication abnormal
    All of the battery indicator lights and Level lights flash at the same time Power on/off button sticking
    All of the battery indicator lights flash 6km button sticking
    All of the battery indicator lights and Level lights flash alternately Register error
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