790-R LED Display


Classic eBike LED display with common functions.
4 battery indicators, can be arranged horizontally or in an arch shape. Optional remote of headlight or walk-assist. RFID function available(model name:790-R). RFID key could be customized according to customer requirements.

Additional information


42mm * 82mm * 56mm


Battery, Headlight, Mile/KM, PAS Level, Walk Assistance


Analog Communication, CAN BUS, UART




24V, 36V, 48V


CE, EN15194:2017, IPX5, RoHS



790-R LED Display
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    User Manual_LED 790-R Display

    1. Appearance and Size

    1.1 Specifications

    Rated Voltage: 36V
    Operating Environment: Room temperature -10℃ to 50℃, No condensation
    Size (unit: mm): 82*42*56
    Holder diameter: 22.2mm
    Certification: CE, RoHS

    1.2 Display Size (Unit: mm)

    790-R LED Display for eBike LED Display.

    1.3 Operation Faceplate

    790-R LED Display

    2. Function Instruction

    2.1 Battery Indication

    The four LEDs will indicate the current voltage of the battery. When the battery is lack voltage, the minimum power indicator will flash. But the controller will not power off.

    2.2 Turn on/off the e-bike’s headlight

    Press the button to turn on or off the e-bike’s headlight.
    When turning the headlight on, the indicator is on. When turning the headlight off, the indicator is black.

    2.3 Four levels of assistant power

    There are 5 levels of assistant power. When riding the e-bike, press the button “MODE” to select the assistant power level. The output power is a mixture in Level 1; the output power is maximal in Level 4.

    • Assistant power Level 1, none of the assistant power indicators is on. As shown in the above picture.
    • Assistant power Level 2, only assistant power indicator “ECO” is on.
    • Assistant power Level 3, only assistant power indicator “TOUR” is on.
    • Assistant power Level 4, only assistant power indicator “SPORT” is on.

    2.4 RFID Card function

    For more RFID card display please check the KM5S-R LCD display or T319-R LED Display.

    3. Error code

    Light flashing Solution
    1st level flashing The current is abnormal and restarts, if it still fails, please contact the supplier.
    2nd level flashing Check the handle before the system is powered on.
    1st & 2nd level flashing Motor phase loss detection motor cable connection is intact.
    3rd level flashing Motor Hall abnormality detection cable, if it still fails after restarting, please contact the supplier.
    1st & 3rd level flashing Brake abnormality Check the brake lever before powering on the system.
    1st, 3rd & 5th level flashing Abnormal communication detection Whether the connection of the instrument controller is intact.
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