KM529 LCD Display for JUNKERS 488_User Manual

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KM529 LCD Display for JUNKERS 488 EBIKE

Picture from JUNKERS 488 eBike, all rights reserved by this great brand.


KM529 LCD Display was used on JUNKERS 488 ebike. The user manual is the same as our standard version, please kindly visit here.

BTW: Features for this ebike for your reference

Electrical part.

– Super Phantom brushless contactless motor / 60 min torque

– 72V 400W controller. (Evolution II Plug and Play)
– Speed ​​50 km/h
– Autonomy 35 km  (full mode)
– 100% charge: 5h
– Lithium polymer battery in frame 72V 10 Ah

Display with digital display with the electronic assistance control system 5 Levels and 6 km/h button.

– Programmable assistance speed

– Day/total distance
– Remaining energy capacity
– Choice of power mode 1/2/3/4/5 and power 6Km/h for foot passengers.
–    Blue backlit screen.

The JUNKER 488 is a really small motorcycle, a Speed ​​Bike.
The JUNKER 488 has complete equipment of great quality.
Front rear mudguard, front and rear lighting, Springer-type parallelogram front suspension fork, hydraulic disc brake!
The JUNKER 488 is a very pretty Fat e-Bike with a timeless retro look!
To own a JUNKERS 488 is to be a bit rebellious and to show it.
The JUNKER 488 is not an ordinary bike, it is a really small motorcycle (Speed ​​Bike).
The JUNKER 488 is designed for city road use, but it is capable of taking more “wild” roads.
Crossroads do not scare him!
On the paved road, the Springer-type parallelogram suspension will ensure great comfort and an incredible heading line.
Its powerful braking allows you to control the speed of your Fat e-bike and ride in complete safety.
The JUNKERS 488 is a rare Fat e-Bike, people will turn around in its path, and it does not leave anyone indifferent!
Quiet, fast, and beautiful, you can be proud of it.
You can customize it or leave it as I designed it.
But once in your hands, I’m sure each JUNKERS 488 will quickly become different!
The JUNKERS 488 is a Fat e-Bike made for that!

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