HWBS-3 Brake Sensor


HWBS-3(hidden wire brake sensor) is fitted onto your electric bike’s brake line and does not require specialized brake levers. The sensor operates with the contactless magnetic signal so it does not affect the physical operation of the brake. The integrated circuit inside the speed sensor contains a closed-loop control function which ensures signal stability even in extremely vibratory situations.

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67mm * 16.3mm * 12mm


Hidden Wire Brake Sensor




CE, EN15194:2017, IPX5

HWBS-3 Brake Sensor
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    HWBS (Hidden Wire Brake Sensor) (VERSION): V2.0

    1. Function introduces

    HWBS is a brake sensor, that can be used on electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.

    The features of HWBS is, can use generic brakes, without the use of a special brake lever. The sensor installed on the soft shaft of the brake detects the movement of brake lines online. HWBS is a long life, small volume, free maintenance, micro-consumption electronic, low voltage power supply, and non-contact detection of magnetic sensors. Internal PLL circuits can ensure a stable output even use in vibration situations.

    2. Size, Material & Photos

    HWBS-3 Size

    Aluminum shell and nylon stopper, are very good oxidation stability and aging characteristics.

    3. Specifications & Reliability

    • Rated Voltage: 4.5-6V (DC)
    • Current without brake: 2mA
    • Current with brake: 3.6mA
    • Lead tension: >20N
    • Corresponding time when braking: <0.001S
    • Corresponding distance: 2-3mm
    • Mechanical life: >2M times
    • Electrical life: >20M times
    • Insulation dry condition: >20M ohm
    • Insulation wet condition: >2M ohm

    4. Connector & Cable

    • The connector can be customized.
    • The length of the cable also can be customized.
    • Red: +5V, Yellow: GND,  Blue: Brake Signal.

    5. Dependability Test

    Test item Test conditions Result
    Tensile tests of the connector >20N, 60s OK
    Tensile tests of the cable >30N, 60s OK
    Lead to shell insulation No.1 Dry, humidity 80% >20M
    Lead to shell insulation No.2 Spray >20M
    High-temperature test 90±2℃
    Low-temperature test -20±2℃
    Vibration test 20Hz
    Constant damp 45±2℃
    Humidity 90%
    Spray 5V

    6. Certifications

    With RoHS, CE, and IP65 certificates.

    7. Assemble & Adjustment

    HWBS-3 Front Brake or Rear Brake

    The brake steel soft shaft is directly into the middle hole HWBS. No additional adjustment about the HWBS.

    8. Package & Quantity

    • Every 20 HWBS in a closed bag
    • 600 HWBS in a carton
    • Size of the carton: 440*380*210 (cm)
    • Label: Customer name, Address, Name, P.O. number, Quantity, Cable length, and Date of shipment.

    9. Signature the SPEC

    This confirmation must be approved by both sides, any one-party modification is invalid. After receiving the confirmation from each other, 7 workdays must be signed confirmation, overdue as default agreement.

    HWBS-3 details

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