KM6S LCD Display for EMMO Monta/Vgo ebike_User Manual

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KM6S LCD Display for EMMO MontaVgo ebike

Picture from EMMO Monta/Vgo ebike, all rights reserved by this great brand.

KM6S LCD Display was used on EMMO Monta S3 and EMMO Vgo S3 ebike. The user manual is the same as our standard version, please kindly visit here.

BTW: Feature of this ebike for your reference.

The LCD display provides information including the speed, pedal assist level, battery level, and trip distance. The LED backlight makes the readings easier any time day or night.

3 Levels: backlight brightness
3 Buttons: easy control and customization
KM6S LCD Display for EMMO Monta ebike
EMMO Monta S3
KM6S LCD Display for EMMO Vgo ebike

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